Combatting Counterfeits

A global iconic brand was being heavily counterfeited and was challenged to authenticate their product in an efficient manner. Their current process was to send developers across the globe to deconstruct the product in order to properly ascertain its authenticity based on a few embedded hidden tells. This method was time-consuming, not scalable, costly, and extremely inefficient. The brand was in a hyper-growth mode globally, but sales were stagnant in Europe based on counterfeits flooding the market into several hypermarket stores throughout the EU.

By using the V Suite solution, Vi3 was able to digitize the brand’s product by providing unique identifications to each of their products and packaging that was married together in the factories and then tracked throughout the supply chain. With Vi3’s V Enforce mobile brand protection app, the brand was able to quickly authenticate products in the field without destroying evidence and without flying people across the globe to authenticate. They were able to determine counterfeit source factories and raid them, protect the borders by giving customs an easy way to authenticate products, and clean up the hypermarkets where the products resided. The brand was also able to get relative health of their markets to produce a global strategy on where their IP needed to be enforced. In order to do effective enforcement, there are different rules around the world from an evidentiary perspective on what constitutes counterfeit, knock off, or genuine product. The brand was able to use evidence from
the data obtained through Vi3 to enforce their rights against the infringers and sued for financial damages, returning tens of millions of dollars to the bottom line. With the counterfeit product being controlled, and the European market cleaned up, sales once again skyrocketed 15% almost immediately in the region. In addition to the increase in sales, the brand experienced a 6X ROI with the Vi3 platform.

If you are looking to solve your counterfeit issue and protect your brand, Vi3 has a proven, scalable solution with a compelling ROI. Our solution has been used across the globe in many court cases, has withstood the scrutiny of the courts, and is proven as admissible as evidence. This major breakthrough can help you take back control of your market, win monetary damages against infringers, and deliver an authentic brand experience that today’s consumers demand.


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