Weeding Out Third-Party Sellers

A global brand was losing control of its marketplace due to unauthorized third-party sellers offering product online and in brick and mortar stores. This resulted in nonbrand-accredited locations selling product, which in turn reduced the consumer experience. This issue was on a global scale, and in Europe the brand had a selective distribution policy in place.

Vi3, through its V Enforce platform (in which products are uniquely tagged at the source on both product and packaging), was able to identify the biggest online offenders and problem brick and mortar accounts that mattered most to the brand. Each unique tag is traceable back to the account to which the product was originally shipped. This allowed the brand to identify the accounts that were overordering, transshipping, or selling on unauthorized platforms even when they masked their online identities. With the platform’s logic-based business rules, Vi3 was able to apply European selective distribution rules that exposed unauthorized sellers while at the same time enforcing the brand’s selective distribution policy.
After implementing the Vi3 solution, the brand now has a far-reaching tool that enables them to actively manage the marketplace and enforce their contractual agreements with their partners. This has led to an increase in product being sold in authorized distribution channels, a decrease in unauthorized third-party sellers, and overall better marketplace management.

For more information on managing your brand’s marketplace, please contact Vi3 at info@vi3global.com today!


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