Connecting Consumers One Product at a Time

When products are uniquely serialized with a QR Code, they become their own channel in which consumers can:

  • obtain the benefits of membership,
  • obtain product knowledge,
  • make product purchases,
  • document product experiences,
  • or be served by the brand.

And all of this opportunity is only a smartphone away.

Vi3’s V Connect platform has made this a reality for billions of products and consumers.

Imagine, as a brand, that you can tell your product design inspiration stories directly to your consumer. Imagine that your consumer could scan your product and fulfill all their knowledge needs on how to use, care for, register, and dispose of their product in an environmentally friendly manner. Imagine how consumers can be alerted to events they care about by interacting with your products. Imagine consumers sharing on social media how your product has positively impacted their lives. Imagine that consumers could scan the products in their closet and know what new product has now replaced it. Imagine that consumers can help you share their personal stories of how your brand has impacted their lives and made them better.

There is no need to imagine any longer, because you can now make this a reality.

For more ways to engage with your consumer directly through your products, please contact Vi3 at today!

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