Increased Control and Visibility in Sourcing

One often-overlooked area within sourcing is brand protection. Do you have control today on how your trademarks get turned into labels that go on your products? Do you have a nominated label supplier that factories must work with? Is your label provider single source or multiple source? When using offshore third-party contract manufacturers, brands give up a degree of control through the lack of visibility into what happens from the time purchase orders to the factory are created until the product ships. This lack of control can result in unauthorized production, resulting in irreparable harm to your brand. Additionally, lack of visibility can prevent you from making better strategic decisions had you possessed the proper information at the time.

To help protect brands during sourcing, Vi3’s V Source gives control and visibility into:

  • how many trademarks are being printed from either a single supplier or multiple suppliers,
  • how many of those labels are actually put on products,
  • if any of those products had to be graded less than A quality for quality issues.

Vi3 can tell you within seconds at which stage products are in the manufacturing process. With this new-found intelligence, brands will know when the manufacturing process has started, in case an order ever needs to be canceled and you weren’t sure where it was in the manufacturing process, because we all know sometimes it is better to own raw materials than finished goods that you don’t need. Vi3 can alert brands to quality issues as they happen in the factory and gives insight into the impact these will have and lets you know if the problem is a design or manufacturing flaw. You will always know where each product on each PO is in the manufacturing process to make smart decisions. For example, can I pull this factory order to ship early? Vi3 allows brands to match up supply and demand and make better strategic decisions later in the sourcing process. In addition, Vi3 gives visibility into what is in the manufacturer’s finished goods warehouse ready to ship, and can help build the perfect Advance Ship Notice, eliminating mispack errors and alleviating any downstream merchant chargebacks that go directly towards impairing your bottom line.  Vi3 can improve visibility by alerting the licensee that the product has left the factory and can also assist the licensee automate the process of receiving the goods.

If you’re interested in taking control and getting visibility into your sourcing and manufacturing, please connect with Vi3 at to learn more.

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