Take Control of Your License Business with Vi3

When a brand licenses its intellectual property to either expand its geographic horizons or its product category reach, the brand can lose a level of control and visibility into where products are sourced, distributed and consumer message (i.e., is the factory socially compliant? Is the product being made where I’m told it’s being made or is it being sub-manufactured out by an unknown entity? Do I really have control over how many units are being produced vs. what I think is being produced? How will I ensure the quality of my brand? Is the product being sold in the channels that the licensee intended? Is the consumer brand story on point with the brand’s consumer story? Am I leaving money on the table in royalty payments or is everything being reported on the honor system?)

In order to grow, many brands will adopt the licensing model. Vi3 can help brands regain the control they seek so that a licensing business decision does not harm the brand in the long run. With V Source, brands have full visibility into where products are being sourced. Vi3 will provide the geolocation of where the factory is located. Brands know how many units by SKU. Vi3 will control how branded trademarks (logos, word marks, etc.) on products for labelling are procured. With V Enforce, Vi3 will give full visibility into how many products are manufactured and where they are shipped. Brands also have visibility into licensees putting products in markets they are not tasked to sell in. Just as important, with V Connect Vi3 lets brands control their own digital brand message that their consumers see when connecting digitally to the product.

If your brand is playing in the license space, please reach out to Vi3 at info@vi3global.com and learn more so the license strategy can be a channel of growth and not harm the brand in the long run.


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