Faking It, A Brand protection White Paper

Counterfeit goods grow their
market share

The counterfeit issue is an over $1 trillion problem
(Forbes, 2018). Shoes and Fashion companies
make up a sizable percentage of counterfeited
goods, and from street to online vendors, the
ways counterfeit products get to consumers is

Because visual signifiers, which are an integral
piece of a company’s branding, carry social
currency, some brands are more counterfeited
than others. Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and
Balenciaga, as well as shoe brands like Adidas,
are among the brands most represented in
counterfeit products. According to Fight Footwear
Fakes, a site “to educate on shoe Intellectual
property issues and eradicate counterfeit
footwear”, footwear is the fourth largest category
of all US CBP seizures, at 12%.


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