Don’t Be Fake

How increased travel + money to spend = high counterfeit risk

The roaring 2020s are here. COVID-19 vaccinations are widely available, countries are opening their borders to tourism again and, according to the Wall Street Journal, airline “carriers say leisure fares are on track to meet or
exceed 2019 levels this summer”. After more than a year of going through the mental gymnastics required to constantly assess risk levels and heed
COVID precautions, it’s safe to say that people are ready to return to the joys of pre-pandemic life. Spending is on the rise, and we’re seeing that play
out in both experiences like travel and in consumer

From a consumer perspective, after spending our money on things like home improvement projects and nicer loungewear for the better part of the last year (or saving it, while we can) it can feel tempting to “treat ourselves” to nice things to wear and flaunt as we emerge back into the social world. The Washington Post, among others, has reported on the boom in high-end travel and in the luxury goods space as well, noting how a “new wave of big spenders is injecting new life into storied luxury houses such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton”. In the same article, The Washington Post
shared how mass market brands such as Uniqlo and J. Crew are boosting the prices of their new arrivals, reaching for a more high-end demographic. Many of these new items are selling out across company sites and stores.
Influencer culture online will surely help fuel a spike in consumer goods, as people feel the need to keep up with the latest trends they’re seeing online. One thing to be conscious of?

Where people are seeking out these goods. The conflation of increased
travel for leisure and consumer spending is sure to result in a spike in counterfeit sales. Those blankets loaded with fake streetwear
on the streets of Madrid, or the fake Louis Vuitton in New York City—those are likely to be looking pretty enticing to people traveling and in a spending mindset. What are you doing to educate your customers on the dangers of counterfeits, and ensure their money goes where it should?

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